Testimonials from our Supporters & Partners

It has been quality shared experience whenever I have had the chance to cooperate with Isa Mundo efforts in Mexico. I find their enthusiasm and energy contagious. As a smaller foundation, they are very approachable and personable, but I think what impresses me most, is their clear respect for the culture and values of the people we work with. Their approach is very much an egalitarian effort, that let's everyone involved feel like a team, working for the common good. These are good folks, doing good things, on very little money!

Dr. Jaime Boland
Pasitos de Luz
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The key aspects of our partnership with Isa Mundo are shared core values, transparency, as well as mutual trust and respect. Isa Mundo complete the ground-work to ensure they understand our organisation and the complexities that we deal with in Peru. The support of Isa Mundo allows us to make long-term commitments to the local Peru communities and stay true to our word. We can’t let the communities down. Mutual respect is gained and projects become sustainable. This is due to the constant support and encouragement we receive from Paul and Isa Mundo.

Jane Gavel, Co-Founder
Peru’s Challenge

We always enjoy getting such encouraging reports from the projects our Global Education Fund at MacEwan University have supported. We could of course not accomplish what we do without the involvement of organizations such as Isa Mundo. When utilized properly a small amount of money can have a huge impact on the lives of many people, and that is what IsaMundo is achieving. All the best with your ongoing endeavors as they are making a difference!

Rick Lewis
Director, MacEwan International Global Education Fund
Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton, Canada

On behalf of Volcanes Education Project and the Volcanes Primary School, I would like to thank you for creating the Isa Mundo Education Centre in our school and your continued support throughout the years. Your contribution of books to our school library has been extraordinary and has been instrumental as a lending library for not only our school but the entire neighborhood. Thank you for your continued support for the children and we look forward to working with you in the future to the mutual benefit of both our organizations.

Art Fumerton, Director
Volcanes Education Project
Colonia Volcanes, Mexico

I wanted to do some volunteer work in Central America. I also wanted to avoid lots of overhead costs. Paul and Isa Mundo helped make this happen. Their model of partnering with organizations that are already "on the ground" eliminates lots of duplicated effort allowing for much greater efficiency. Not only that, Paul is a super nice guy! I helped to set up an Isa Mundo Education Centre in a Nicaraguan slum, in partnership with Empowerment International. It was wonderful seeing the smiles and excitement of the children who now had the whole world opened up for them through the creation of this facility.

Neeraj Jain
Founder and Owner, Avnan Electro Inc.
Canada, China & USA

Isa Mundo is an amazing organization that one can't help but be impressed with. Although they are a small grassroots organization, they have big hearts and spirit who are really making impactful differences on the ground in many impoverished communities. The world is definitely a better place because of Isa Mundo. This is an organization you can trust whole-heartedly and are an example and an inspiration to the rest of us.

Merna Schmidt, Chair
Siyawela Foundation
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

On behalf of the whole Bambang Youth Organization and all the kids of Bulacan Bulacan, Philippines, we are very happy and grateful with what MALIGAYANG PASLIT has become. Because of the support of the Isa Mundo Foundation, our annual gift giving event has helped more children, provide more food and gifts, and add more excitements to the kids of our Barangay. No amount of words can express how happy and grateful to have you every year. Thanks a lot Sir Paul, without you and ISA MUNDO FOUNDATION our MALIGAYANG PASLIT WILL NOT BE as meaningful as always.

Thanks and more power to ISA MUNDO FOUNDATION.

Benjo Cruz
Founder, Maligayang Paslit
Bambang, Philippines

One of our benevolent stakeholders is the ISA MUNDO Foundation. Since we have them as our partner in education, they were able to bridge out the gap in accessing the global technologies and helping poor pupils to experience and learn computers for free. Because of their mission in reaching out to the less fortunate and least prioritized in terms of funding , Isa Mundo is the need of all public schools here in the Philippies and we are very blessed and fortunate to be one of their recipients.

Estrelita Ramos-Litao
Teacher, Bambang Elementary School
Bambang, Philippines

As an international organization committed to community development in Nicaragua, we have enjoyed working with the Isa Mundo Foundation to improve the lives of the families and children that we serve. We are currently working in partnering with Isa Mundo on a project to expand our health program through the implementation of community gardens. Through this project, we hope to promote better promote better health and nutrition, and curb childhood malnutrition in the community's where are present. We look forward to working with the foundation as we seek to build communities and improves the lives of those we serve.

Kevin Mestrich - Executive Director
Bridges to Community
New York, US & Nicaragua

Safe Homes For Children was fortunate to meet some of the people of Isa Mundo a couple of years ago when they visited our orphanage [Casa de Sion] in Guatemala and brought donations for the children. Since then they have been raising money for the construction of a much needed road on the 17 acres of land that our facilities are now on. This road will enable us to use all of our land and to raise much needed food for the surrounding community. In a world where so many are blinded to the needs of the poor, it is refreshing to work with a group like Isa Mundo.

Vicki Dalia - Director
Casa de Sion
Panajachel, Guatemala

It was exciting working with Isa Mundo Foundation on its mission to create "one world" by bringing Education, Health, and a clean Environment to the Children of the world. Cosmos Ignite Innovations is delighted to have brought sustainable, safe and affordable Solar powered Mighty Lights to Guatemala in partnership with Isa Mundo.

Amit Chugh - CEO & Founder
Cosmos Ignite Innovations
New Delhi, India

Due to limited space in the Granada Empowerment Educational Center, our partnership with ISA Mundo started with just a small portable computer center with 8 netbooks. It is amazing just how much 8 computers have affected and empowered our kids. The center is constantly occupied and overflowing with students using the computers and patiently reading or studying while waiting for their turn.

We have two older participants teaching classes to 30 younger children on computer skills, along with constant informal exchange of ideas and knowledge between the children as they learn new computer skills. The students use the computers to conduct research for school assignments. Our teens are in charge of a process for distributing equitable computer access to the students.

It is our hope in the next year to expand this project to include more computers in the near future for our Granada program. We are also hoping to expand the ISA Mundo program to our rural community of Santa Ana de Malacos where the children have never even touched a computer! Thank you ISA Mundo and Paul Lorilla for helping us make this happen!!!

Kathy Adams - Executive Director/Founder
Empowerment International Granada

EWB-OSU has a deep appreciation and admiration for the work that Isa Mundo does. The care that Isa Mundo takes in selecting projects is a very special feature of the organization. EWB-OSU was extremely impressed when representatives from Isa Mundo made a special trip to rural El Salvador to meet with members of our project team to observe the work and meet project beneficiaries in person. After seeing the work and the people that their support would benefit, Isa Mundo was able to promote the water project with confidence which is then passed on individual donors, who may feel secure knowing that Isa Mundo has completed due diligence to ensure that money raised will be donated to high-quality projects.

EWB-OSU was also very impressed that Isa Mundo ensured that all of the money donated to the El Salvador project went directly to the project beneficiaries. The organization is very thorough in demonstrating accountability of donated funds by requesting receipts of purchased construction materials. It has been a pure pleasure to work with the dedicated members of Isa Mundo and we look forward to a long partnership.

Oregon State University Chapter
Engineers Without Borders
Corvallis, Oregon, US

It's an honor to meet people who share the same passion in improving the lives of deprived young children. As the founder of Isa Mundo, Paul has done a really impressive job spearheading community projects such as "The Clean Water in El Salvador" Campaign. We are so pleased to be working with them for children's education in India.

Isa Mundo is an organization run by young people with great energy and incredible passion in helping the less fortunate. They are an inspiration to all of us who strive to make a difference.

"Isa Mundo" means One World, and that's what the organization is all about - uniting the world with one great cause at a time.

Neelima Pratap - Co-Founder
Grace Education Trust
Victoria, BC, Canada

The Junior Service League of Guadalajara is pleased to have met and worked with the great people from Isa Mundo. On their trip to our part of Mexico they recognized a need we had for our Mi Bébé Y Yo program which helps needy newborns and they immediately came to our rescue.

It is wonderful to work with an organization that recognizes and supports the needs of others and strives to improve their conditions and their lives. Thank you Isa Mundo.

Junior Service League of Guadalajara
Lake Chapala, Mexico

Isa Mundo was a pleasure to work with, both in Mexico and through the many communications required to successfully plan and coordinate a project such as ours. On the ground, we were very impressed with the calibre of the group's representatives. The Foundation was fully committed to the project and allocated the resources necessary, human and financial, in order to overcome to achieve a successful outcome. We at Merlyn Power are definitely looking forward to our next opportunity to work with their team and do more good work in the world together.

Scott Cooper - Founder & Owner
Merlyn Power
Kitchener, ON, Canada

Pasitos de Luz muestra su más profundo agradecimiento a la Fundación Isa Mundo y el Señor Scott Cooper de Merlyn Power y nos han dado su invaluable apoyo para nuestros niños con discapacidad, al conseguir la donación de paneles solares para calentar el agua de la alberca de hidromasaje, y lograr con ésto la rehabilitación física de los niños. Muchísimas gracias a éste par de angeles que con su valiosa participación hacen posible que los milagros sigan existiendo.

Yolanda Sánchez Santiago - Founder & Director
Pasitos de Luz
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Our association with Isa Mundo has been a very good experience. Both organizations, Isa Mundo and Rotary International, want to help the poor and those in the world who cannot help themselves. Your support fitted perfectly in our project to help in the education in the Philippines for the children and the Alternative and E-learning projects for all ages.

Together we can bring HOPE to thousands in the world.

John Van Laar
Rotary International
Collingwood, ON, Canada

Thank you for the new fridge! It's such a generous donation. We rescue, rehabilitate and release back to the sea more than 100 marine mammals every year. Sea lions, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea otters. As you can imagine, our equipment experiences a lot of wear and tear. The fridge you gave us will be of great use for thawing out fish and storing prepared formula. It will be put to good use this summer (our busiest season!) and for many years to come.

Thanks again for your concern and generosity, and for the role you play in marine conservation.

Lindsaye Akhurst - Manager
Vancouver Aquarium - Marine Mammal Rescue Centre
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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