Andrée Lacasse

B.A. (University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada)
B.A. (Schiller International University, Madrid, Spain)
M.A. (Schiller International University, London, England)

Andrée's studies allowed her to attain knowledge and skills in international relations, conflict resolution and diplomacy. Having grown up in various countries, she observed the lives of people coming from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds and was exposed to the harsh realities faced by many children, families and communities. Upon seeing the conditions of their environment, she made a commitment to try to alleviate some of the pain and suffering faced by children and youth, especially in orphanages and shelters.

Every child should have the right and opportunity to grow and learn in a safe environment free from abuse, discrimination and exploitation. As the world progresses, I think the best asset we will have is the investment we have made on improving the lives of the world's children and youth.