Volcanes Primary School

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The Volcanes Primary School is located 5 Kilometers (3 miles) inland outside the town of Puerto Vallarta in a Colonia called Volcanes. The Volcanes School is a publicly funded facility and has recently built new additions to expand their existing rooms that serve over 250 students in the surrounding area.

Café Roma's Kids organization has been involved in supporting education and social programs in the Puerto Vallarta region by providing school supplies, funding teacher's wages, hosting fundraising efforts and developing a feeding program for less fortunate children in the area. The organization decided to focus their efforts towards helping the Volcanes School and envisioned starting a computer centre as part of the students' curriculum. The idea fits well with our Foundation's Isa Mundo Education Centre (IMEC) concept and discussions began to complete this project in January 2011.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Isa Mundo Foundation completed its project site visit in April 2011 and toured the school with Café Roma's Kids representatives. Mundoers were able to assess that the school has the capacity to administer and maintain a learning centre with access to computers and other technological and educational tools.
This facility will be a part of the Volcanes Community Education Project and will focus on Math, English and computer programs. Isa Mundo was able to use a small grant, and with support from Staples Store #254, purchased laptops to develop its first IMEC in Mexico. We also contributed boxes of books and school supplies to add to their library and educational resources.
The IMEC was opened in September 2011 with great success. We will continue to work in partnership with both the school and Café Roma's Kids to improve the IMEC in the future.