Pasitos de Luz

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In 2000, Pasitos de Luz (Little Steps of light) was launched in the Puerto Vallarta region in order to provide assistance for families with disabled children. The facility is a day care center committed to supporting children with severe disabilities by providing them with a caring and loving environment; rehabilitation; nutritional meals; physical stimulation and therapy. The facility also provides moral and emotional support to families in order to support the child’s health, happiness and prosperity.

Pasitos de Luz was created due to the lack of social services available for children with disabilities in Mexico. With many lone parents in the region, a decision is often made between earning money for the family or caring for the disabled child. For many of these families in the Puerto Vallarta area, Pasitos is their only hope for survival.

The children of Pasitos receive various assistance from medical specialists including: occupational, and speech therapists; physiotherapists; nurses and doctors. They also receive donations of orthopedic and other equipments allowing the children to thrive and improve their mobility. Pasitos provides these services free of charge to the children and their families and operates strictly on donations and volunteers.

Within its facilities, Pasitos has a therapeutic bath that improves circulation and stimulation of the immune system, promotes muscular relaxation, relives pain and improves the range of motion. Due to the high cost of electricity in the region, the bath is rarely used.
Isa Mundo Foundation visited Pasitos in June 2009, and committed to working with them in providing assistance to children with disabilities and their families. Isa Mundo committed to work with Merlyn Power Renewal Energy Systems of Kitchener, Ontario to supply and install solar panels at Pasitos de Luz.
In Spring 2010, Merlyn Powers and other Isa Mundo volunteers worked hand in hand with Pasitos to make their dream of using the therapeutic bath a reality. This project will help reduce the cost of electricity and allow for the children to benefit from the therapeutic bath.