La Nueva Providencia

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La Nueva Providencia, Guatemala is a new village that exists on the site of a former coffee finca (farm) that was abandoned 12 years ago at which time many of the Maya indigenous workers remained on site. The San Lucas Toliman Mission bought the finca property and in turn handed it over to the former employees and current residents of the land.

The demand for light in homes is everywhere in the village and affects all gender and age groups because lights can: decrease the use of kerosene for better health; provide safety and security; give light for children to study at night; increase household income by allowing parents to produce products to sell at the market; and improve community social structure.

The ‘Mighty Light’ is a solar powered LED light that can last up to 30 years (on 8hrs daily use) and designed to help decrease a family’s dependency on kerosene, candles and wood to provide indoor lighting. Due to the growing energy crises worldwide, we learned that the “Mighty Light” is the best solution to provide light in a home.

Each and every one of us can make changes in the way we live our lives and become part of the solution.

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Isa Mundo visited the village in May 2007 with the help of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Marquette University Chapter. The need for electricity and light is important as dusk at 6PM often brings darkness to economic activity, education, and safety.
In partnership with EWB Marquette and Cosmos Ignite Innovations, Isa Mundo launched the Light Up A Home campaign as its first Environmental Project. Cosmos Ignite’s vision aligns well with Isa Mundo and their expertise in producing technology that is low cost and environmentally friendly is a model that we wanted to use in communities.
The “Mighty Lights” were successfully installed in all homes in Providencia in May 2008. This project was added in the United Nations Habitat’s database as one of the Best Practices in Improving the Living Environment.