Grace Educational Foundation

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Grace Educational Foundation was founded in December 2006 by Francis Dass from India and Neelima Pratap from Canada. Bridging ideas and continents, the co-founders shared a vision for supporting underprivileged children and women, and came together to launch the centre.

Grace Educational Foundation (GEF) provides learning opportunities to children in need in the small village of Betim Ramnagar in Goa, India. Its mission is to support sustainable community development through education and has a vision that children, women, families and whole communities know their worth and capabilities, and participate and lead in their own development. GEF helps children blossom through education by keeping them off the street, by promoting good health to keep children in school and by giving them an opportunity to break the poverty cycle.

Isa Mundo had the privilege of meeting one of its co-founders and quickly discovered that we share similar visions of bettering the situations of children through education.

When we express the love that is in our hearts, then so thoughtfully, it just comes to be.

Grace Educational Foundation

To support the wonderful work of GEF, Isa Mundo decided to sponsor the organization's annual Children's Day Celebration in India, which is celebrated globally each year by over 50 countries.

Approximately 60 children from ages 2 to 12 attended the celebration along with parents and teachers. The successful event gave the children the opportunity to dress up and perform for great prizes and enjoy food and other treats.

Isa Mundo is proud to work in partnership with GEF and by coming together, we share in the responsibility and opportunity of making our world a better place.