Our Projects vary between Education, Environmental Health and Children & Youth projects that most coincide with the needs of the local community. We regularly partner with like-minded organizations and kind-hearted volunteers to reach our goals, from seed to sprout and beyond.


Isa Mundo is dedicated to creating small education centres in local schools along with providing basic educational materials, books and technology. Isa Mundo is committed to expand it’s Isa Mundo Education Centre concept to provide an interactive learning experience, promote creativity and improve problem solving skills to help students reach their full potential.

Environmental Health

Isa Mundo supports projects that will improve community health while promoting environmentally sustainable living. These initiatives will entail projects that focus on: alternative energy use; clean water initiatives; environmental conservation and protection and sustainable agricultural practices.

Children & Youth

The Foundation is committed to to partnering with orphanages, shelters and other child-centred organizations by supporting annual activities and events, developing life skills programs and providing much needed supplies. Isa Mundo is dedicated to provide an opportunity for children and youth to learn and be active in a safe and nurturing environment.